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Backlink profiles are the backbone of quality SEO and  the only aspect that remains as important as before despite many changes in the world of search engine optimization. Your backlink profile earns good ranks in search results and indicates a certain domain authority in your niche. However, in order to accomplish this, it is very important to stick only to white hat backlinks. White hat links are built the legitimate way and they are typically of high quality or organically obtained from trusted websites that follow the rules.  Even though the number of links does matter, it is far less important than the quality of your backlink profile. Also, it is important to know that black hat backlinks can lead to Google penalties. Google has been actively trying to stop the spread of black hat link building tactics by penalizing the sites who use them.

The white hat link building methods focus on organically earning high-quality links by building a relationship with authentic and quality websites. It encourages a process of exchange of value between sites, mutually beneficial for both in earning good ranks in search results and in enhancing website authority.  As the white hat methods of link building adhere to the rules, it eliminates the possibilities of poor quality links sneaking into your backlink inventory. If there are bad links in your inventory, it could make Google suspicious about the fairness of the method of acquiring them and can result in being penalized. Being penalized will also affect your brand image and credibility.

Be Alert to Avoid Bad Links

Even if you follow white hat techniques of link building, it is hard to ensure that you will always acquire good quality links. It can still occur that some poor quality links sneak into your inventory despite your best intentions. That is why it’s important to regularly review the link quality in your inventory and remove the inferior ones to maintain a clean record that will impress the search engines and improve your ranks. To keep a clean backlink profile and receiving quality links, you must carefully assess the website and ascertain its quality and relevance to your business niche. In this article, we will discuss how you can maintain a clean inventory of backlinks that will improve your search engine ranks.

Maintain Good Links Only

All backlinks are not equal, and there are plenty of unnatural links available that you should avoid at all cost. Unnatural links originate from inferior websites that typically have equally poor content. When you get links from such sites, it shows your inclination to acquire links without caring for quality and raises doubt about your intentions of following Google guidelines that prohibit poor quality links. To avoid this situation, make it a habit to review regularly your link inventory and identify any poor links. If you notice any, remove them right away.

How to Know Which Links Are Bad

You have to learn how to identify bad links and how to remove them from your list. It is hard to say if a link is good or bad by just looking at it. Instead, a reliable way of determining its quality is to trace its origin and evaluate the website it comes from. If you feel that the website is of poor quality and that it may harm your SEO, it’s better to skip the site or remove the link if it’s already on it. The better you evaluate donor website quality easier it becomes to determine the quality of the link from it, as well as its worth.

Keep Away from SEO Oriented Websites

You must have heard about link farming which is a popular black hat technique of building links by manipulating the system and fooling Google. The method involves creating multiple websites only for supplying links to other sites without caring for quality. In this method, you can acquire hundreds of links in minutes, but the action itself is very risky.

First, the poor quality links will not be useful for your SEO and second, if Google catches you in the act, there are high chances your website will be penalized, and that you will lose whatever search ranking you previously had. To make sure this is a poor quality site, you should also check their backlink profile. If they receive few or no links from other sites, there is probably a good reason for it. if you want to play it safe, it is best to avoid such websites.

Links with Over-Optimized Anchor Text

When you build new links, you have to use your website name or the URL as the anchor text. When other sites send plenty of links to your site by using the exact same keywords, it is a sign that the links coming in are not at all authentic. Poor quality backlinks are considered the ones with over-optimized anchor text links, so stay away from doing this.

Beware of Links In Comments Received from other Websites

Sometimes you might start receiving a stream of comments from other sites that appreciate the content of your site and keep clapping. Although it seems like they have good intentions, beware of such websites because the comments are auto-generated by bots and are actually an attempt to lure you to connect with them in order for them to earn links. This process is known as comment spam links, and they could land you in serious trouble.

Country of Origin of the Website is Important

Although there is no restriction in obtaining links from sites no matter to which country it belongs, you would like to build relations with sites that come from geographical areas of your interest. Businesses in the US catering to the markets of Europe and America would surely not take any interest in links from websites that focus on the Asian markets. If you act differently, it may raise suspicions about the intention behind acquiring those links.

Get Rid of Bad Links

When you identify any link in your inventory that you want to remove, contact the website owner and request him or her to remove it. If you do not receive any response or find the owner acting reluctant, the easiest way to get rid of it is to disavow the link. In case you are in a position to remove the page that contains the link it also helps with link removal.

Link removal can have some temporary effects on your SEO and your traffic might drop. Too many incidents of disavowing links might point to Google that there is something wrong with your website. So the best way to stay safe is to build links carefully and wisely. Focus only on getting quality, niche relevant and niche specific links and you shouldn’t have any problems.