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With today’s competition in the business world, it’s very hard to stay on top. Many brands use different SEO tactics in order to dominate the online space. Start-ups and small business firms too are also part of this mix. But unlike major companies, they don’t have enough funds to invest in developing their online presence. Due to these financial restrictions, it is essential for them to select marketing tactics that are at the same time budget-friendly, but also able to help in attracting more web traffic. Guest posting is a powerful, yer very cheap content marketing and link building tactic.

If you are running a small business, and you are looking for effective ways to develop your web presence, you have come to the right place. Here are one of the most important benefits of guest posting. Once you find out more about the benefits of guest posting, you can start thinking about how to do find guest post. 

Access to a Organic Web Traffic

One of the core benefits of guest posting is that your site will get high-quality organic web traffic. Many guest posts have made good money when published on other blog sites. Many entrepreneurs report getting as many as 500 or more visitors from each guest post they make. At times, the count exceeds 1,000 as well. However, in order to get that many followers and visitors, you need to create high-quality guest posts. It is possible to gain as many as 2000 or more visitors from platforms like StumbleUpon in a single day, from only one post but only if you create quality and unique guest posts. If you create low quality content, you won’t get any followers nor web traffic. Basically , you will be wasting your time for nothing.

Improves Your Online Influence

Are you aware of the influence you have online and your brand image? That influence and brand image can be either negative or positive. Though guest posting you can establish or improve your online reputation and influence.

Sharing a guest post on a blog or site that has a more significant presence than yours, is perfect to create an impact on other people’s lives! Often people questions whether they can or can’t impact people’s lives from their blog? The answer is yes. But when another prominent website or blog features your post, it adds to your overall reputation. Also, you get to promote your content in another blog, which is a PR initiative by itself.

Develop Domain Authority and Search Engine Authority

One of the best benefits of guest posting is that it enables you to develop domain and search engine authority. When you create a proper guest posting strategy, it can bring you as much as traffic as paid SEO services would. According to prominent SEO experts and bloggers, guest posting is one of the best and most natural ways to generate authentic backlinks for your website. It also helps to enhance your blog’s search engine authority.

Develop Your Credibility and Portfolio

If you need to increase your online presence, guest posting is the way to go. With guest posting you are actually building your writing portfolio on a broader level. When you do this on a consistent basis, you also build your credibility and allow people to know  that they can trust you.

Maximize Your Exposure and Brand Awareness

The other crucial benefit of guest blogging for small businesses is that it provides you brand exposure. Brand exposure is vital for both start-up and small businesses, and allows you to gradually solidify your online presence and brand image online. Let’s understand with an example! Assume that you have submitted a guest post on a website or a blog that has as many as 20,000 online users every day. Your guest post might have got 5000 or 7000 or more views. As this becomes a daily thing, you’ll start to notice that more and more people are visiting your website or blog. They might have come across your name many times online and are starting to remember you, as well as your services and products. They want to know if you can address their queries and provide them with what they want.

Assists You in Creating a Social Media Profile

Attracting more subscribers or organic traffic is not the only benefit of guest posting. A proper guest posting strategy can also help you get a quality Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fan base. With guest posting, you will also build your social media presence and increase the popularity of your brand. When guest posting, in order to enhance your social media profile, you should always add a link to your social media channels.

 Establish a Subscriber Base

More than generating website traffic, guest posts also help you gain multiple subscribers in one day, as compared to what you might attract in a whole month. Bloggers and SEO experts claim that sometimes a quality guest post can gain as many as 300 subscribers in a single day. However, bloggers may also struggle for months to get subscribers.  Guest posting is a perfect SEO tactic for small businesses and start-ups because it’s quick, provides extra visibility and brand awareness, increase  organic web traffic, and lastly, provides you with a subscriber base.

Find Out What People Think About Your Business

Good or bad, people’s comment on your blog will show you how they perceive you. When you don’t get these comments, you might not know how your online visitors see you. Without knowing this information, your target audience will remain the same. However, as you know, customers always keep shifting, and someone who liked your services or products maybe doesn’t like them any longer. It is good to know when that happens and why. Answers to these questions will also help you target another audience group, make a change in how you run your business and similar. Guest posting facilitates this entire process.

When you share a guest post in some other website or blog, a huge number or visitors will be

able to view, assess not only your post, but your entire business. This is a great opportunity to attract new visitors and to get a feedback that will motivate you to perform better.

Today, guest posting is vital part of online marketing. For small businesses, this is a proven tool to get noticed and improve your business in multiple ways, from widening your customer base to building your brand image. If you opt for guest posting as a link building tactic, you definitely won’t make a mistake Just remember that as any SEO technique, this one also require a lot of time, dedication and effort for optimum success.